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MYTorus Fit to Circinus Galaxy Suzaku Data

MYTorus fit to Circinus galaxy Suzaku data: unfolded photon spectra
MYTorus fit to Circinus Galaxy Suzaku data: Fe K alpha line region

MYTorus fits to Suzaku data for the Circinus galaxy, a type 2 AGN. The spectrum all the way from the Fe K band to the highest energies is dominated by a Compton-scattered continuum from Compton-thick matter (i.e., nearly “pure” reflection). This was known before but our analysis is able to delineate the intrinsic luminosity constraints as a function of parameters that are physically-motivated. Disk-reflection models give a single answer for the intrinsic luminosity, but this may have little connection with the actual intrinsic luminosity. Also, previous work on the same Suzaku data claimed a nonsolar Fe abundance , but our analysis does not require it. (The abundance cannot be simply inferred from the Fe K edge depth because the edge depth has a complex model dependence.)

Note that the Fe XXV He-like emission line is not part of the MYTorus model and is included as a separate component as it must have a different origin to the neutral Fe K$\alpha$ line.

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