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MYTorus Instructions and Manual

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Right-click on a link to download the file for the MYTorus manaual. Note that there are important extensions and updates that are not described in the latest version of the manual but you can read about them in a paper by Yaqoob (2012, MNRAS 483, 3360). However, the manual contains essential information that is not in the paper so it is recommended that you read both the manual and the paper before performing any spectral fitting on your data. It is important to appreciate the fact the MYTorus model can emulate different geometries, not just a toroidal one. The paper describes in more detail how this is done, and for convenience, you can look at a summary plot on this website that explains the different modes of use of the MYTorus model for different geometrical scenarios.

In addition, you may find it helpful to see some example spectral fits to several AGN with different types of X-ray spectra. These spectral fits have not yet been published anywhere and they illustrate some key points, which are explained along with the plots.

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